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Enjoy an hour or two with a mature sexy 60s, petite sensual domina, who loves what she does. I offer FBSM, Bondassage, Elysium, and Kink sessions for individuals as well as training Sex workers, individuals and couples in the Art of Bondassage. Enjoy a refreshing shower, fresh towels, silk linens, plush massage table, soft erotic music, warm organic oils along and wide variety of BDSM toys and pervertables. I take meticulous care of all linens and equipment to prevent any cross-contamination and sterilize everything before and after each use with hospital grade disinfectant.

Before we begin, a bit of business first to ensure we are on the same page.

Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-7pm.

Calls after 7pm go to voice mail and will be returned by 9am the following day.
Same day and weekend appt may be available. Please inquire.
Allow plenty of notice to schedule our session, 24 to 48 hours is best.

Location: In-call only in upscale studio Valley Village


~I do not offer sex or illegal services. Please save yourself the embarrassment and do not ask.
~I prefer quality over quantity, so mind your manners.
~No shows and time wasters are blocked.
~Donations are clearly listed and non-negotiable. When you arrive, please place your full offering  on the table. I will check for counterfeit bills. Sadly, it’s a thing…
~Please arrive at our appointed time. If you’re running late or unable to make it please call or text me.
~All boundaries, yours and mine, are strictly respected.
~I have impeccable hygiene and I expect the same from you.

Let’s create lasting memories you won’t soon forget.


Full Body Sensual Massage

Luxurious Sensations Focused Solely On You.
Escape your daily crush of responsibilities, if only for an hour to two. Surrender deep into your sensual being as I drizzle warm organic oil cascades through my healing hands as they lavish you with long full body Swedish strokes, sensual Reiki energy, prostate massage (if you desire), and expert caresses taking you to the edge again and again to heighten states of bliss. You emerge ready to take on your day.

1hr $220 / 1.5 Hr: $320 / 2 Hr: $420


An Erotic Fusion Of Massage & Sensual Domination.

Elysium ©

Is a gentle introduction into kinky massage and BDSM. A journey of sensual sensations and relaxation with sensual massage, light bondage, sensory deprivation, soft music, and erotic sensation play. A supremely slow passage to the edge and back – over and over again.  How long can you hold on…

1 Hr: $300 / 1.5 Hr: $400 / 2 Hr: $500

Bondassage ©

Bondassage takes Elysium to the next level of sensual BDSM play. It intertwines the epitome of luxury bodywork, bondage, sensory deprivation, rhythmic body percussion/flogging, and a delicious menu of skilled sensation play. It’s perfect for the kinky massage enthusiast looking for that special something outside the box. You emerge satiated and energized, ready to focus on life.

1 Hr: $300 / 1.5 Hr: $400 / 2 Hr: $500

BDSM / Fetish

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, I invite you to immerse and surrender yourself in my realm of infinite possibilities. I’m the perfect mixture of sensual and sadistic, always ready to flash a mischievous smile before I take my lovely devotees who truly want to serve on a journey into another realm of the taboo. Come play your edges.

Scroll down to see my favorite play list.

1 Hr: $350 / 1.5 Hr: $450 / 2 hr: $550

My favorite play


Restraints & Bondage

Fur lined leather cuffs, neoprene cuffs, rope, silk rope, pantyhose, spreader bar, silk ribbon, plastic wrap, leather straps


Sensory Deprivation

Bose headphones, earplugs, hoods, blindfolds


Sensation Play

Fur floggers, fingernails, feathers, silks, pinwheel, vibrators, temperature play, sensual bites, erotic hair-pulling, pinching, wax, figging…


Impact Play

(light to intense) Flogging – leather, suede, rubber, horsehair, canes, paddling, whips. Nothing drops us into our bodies like a dose of endorphins.


Tie & Tease

Bound with straps, plastic wrap or rope and teased to the edge, over, and over again. How long can you hold on?



Cock and Ball Torture, Ball Stretching, parachutes, weights. I encourage my submissive to at least try a bit of CBT. It’s such a pleasure to enhance sensation so tightly. And, of course, for the more seasoned, a good ball busting is always a pleasure.


Dueling Sensations

Multiple simultaneous stimulation keeping you entranced riding waves of restful breaths and intense sensations of the edge.


Anal Play

Prostrate massage, Strap-on, sensual pegging, fisting, butt plugs. Bottoms up. Proper hygiene a must! – you know what to do!


Nipple and Breast Play

(sensual to torture), breast bondage, rope, tape, aligator clamps, suction cups


Medical Play

Hegar and Rosebud sounds, Collin speculum, Vibrating sound.


Electro Play

Embrace your inner Tesla: Estim, Neon wands and Power Tripper, Prostrate Estim, Electrical Urethral Sounds



Big toys, little toys, glass toys…and more toys!

Generous aftercare: warm moist towels, soothing facial, relaxing music, and a cozy blanket.

My Hard Limits: No gfe, escort, toilet training, golden or brown showers, roman showers, age play, blood sport, needles, or a (M/s) Mistress/slave relationships outside of sessions, I am not the provider for you. 

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