I love what I do, and integrating Spirituality, Sensual Bodywork, Tantric principles, and BDSM is a positive, vibrant part of My life and reflects my personal and professional interests and training. I’m a certified trainer in Bondassage and Elysium, Reiki level 3, and have practiced Bodywork, Meditation, Breathwork, Neo-Tantra, Kinky play, open & poly relationship lifestyles for 16 years.

Through the years of personal play and professional sessions, I’ve gained hands-on experience and practical knowledge that is invaluable in conducting a Safe, Sane, Consensual (S.S.C. & R.A.C.K.) experience for My cherished submissives and play partners.  I continue to expand My skill set by participating in kink-related educational workshops, and seminars as well as presenting My own professional class and Couples Coaching.

As a highly skilled, genuine, engaged, quality-over-quantity player, I am selective about My professional subjects. What I value is individual responsibility, informed consent, integrity, compassion, and respect for self and others.

Please take the time to read through My website and familiarize yourself with the information I’ve provided before contacting Me.

I look forward to seeing you.

Ms. Rhonda