Couples Erotic Coaching

Give yourself and your partner permission to discover new and exciting erotic delights.

Private, Individually designed instruction for couples in sensual domination is a playful way to expand your erotic repertoire, giving you the confidence to safely explore new erotic techniques.

l love working with couples in deepening and strengthening their relationship! My couple’s work is focused on erotic education rather than mutual sensual entertainment. I teach and facilitate a non-certificated Bondassasge and Elysium sequence, as well as safe BDSM practice between couples.

All boundaries are respected, you’re never required to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Class is primarily Q&A and demonstration-based with partners practicing on each other in the proper handling of restraints, safety protocol, toys, and percussion implements. We work together to explore ways to increase your desire, pleasure, intimacy, and connection with your partner. And you’ll explore techniques and toys you’ve always wanted to try and some you may have never heard of or were afraid to try!

Receiving proper instruction from a seasoned player in deepening greater trust and emotional intimacy will add new depths to your relationship in a safe, sane, and fun manner. No matter what area of play you would like to explore, you will feel at ease with Me.


*  Deepen your loving, nurturing, connection with your partner. 

 * Create a “safe space” to explore erotic bondage.

* Explore your Dominate or submissive side.  

* Learn to read your partner’s body.

* Take your partner deeper with sensory deprivation tools.

* Help your partner let go and surrender with innovative erotic bondage.

* Expand your sensation play techniques.

*  Delightful nipple play.

* Tantalizing to intense genital play (less can definitely be more)

* Sensual body percussion play – spanking, flogging, paddling, caning, cropping.

Bring your toys and questions or use mine! — Let’s have fun expanding your erotic repertoire and deepening your relationship.


$300 Hour with a 3-hour minimum + $100 hour for each additional hour.

I require a conversation with both partners before booking.
All genders and orientations are welcomed.