Welcome to Bondassage Los Angeles

Whether you’re looking to melt into bliss with Sensual Massage or getting tied up on my massage table with Bondassage™ and Elysium™ by Bondassage you’ve come to the right place.

As one of L.A.’s few BONDASSAGE™ and ELYSIUM™ practitioners and trainers I look forward to taking you on A Truly Unforgettable Experience.

My greatest pleasure is to take you down a path of heightened sensory twists n’ turns, weaving layers of delicate and intricate sensations with precision, timing, and instinct taking you deeper and farther than you have gone before.

For Me, it’s pure pleasure in liberation. For you, it’s Divine Ecstasy.

This is my gift to you as I take you safely to the other side and welcome you back, TRIUMPHANT and RADIANT!

I’m Ms. Rhonda, a well educated, Mature, Esoteric Sensual Massage virtuoso, and lifestyle Domina standing a perfectly proportioned Petite 4′ 11”, 95 lbs, natural 32D bust, sinful apple bottom, with a Wicked yet Playful twinkle in my eye.

Don’t let my demure stature fool you— My pleasure is owning you.

Surrender. You Have My Permission.

You’ll find yourself dripping with desire, and trembling for more…

I have a lovely, clean, upscale sanctuary in Studio City with plenty of easy parking and freeway close.

For your comfort I have a variety of libations, a refreshing shower and fresh towels, silk linens, plush massage table, Bose headphones with soft music, sensual lighting, furs, hot herbal packs, moist warm towels and warm organic oils.

Full Body Sensual Massage

Perhaps you prefer to surrender to my softer, healing, sensual side.

Surrender to slow and luxurious sensations and expert klixen caresses focused solely on you as my healing hands gently knead and soothe tension away saturating your body to the deepest desire of your being again and again to heightened sensations of bliss. You emerge satiated, in complete bliss, happy, and energized.


 Bondassage & Elysium is an erotic sensual whole body massage which combines the surrender of BDSM.


Are you ready to completely let go of control and surrender to pure bliss.

Bondassage is a toe-curling, hip-arching sequence combining bondage, innovative massage techniques with subtle breath and energy work, rhythmic body percussion, slow luxurious flogging, and a delicious menu of skilled sensation play for the Kinky Massage enthusiast with an insatiable penchant for toys, restraints, and teasing to the edge and back again, driving you absolutely delirious.


Elysium® by Bondassage

Surrender into a softer sensual version of bondassage with excruciatingly slow massage, expert caresses, soft silky bondage, erotic sensory play, and decadently languid klixen caresses…edging you again, and again, to new realms of untried peaks of  BLISS and complete RESTORATION.  Elysium gives you a multidimensional experience designed to expand your sensory boundaries.

How long can you hold on?



I’m an expertly skilled Sensual Domina who is wickedly intuitive, yet compassionate, with a gifted erotic touch and exquisite bottom play interweaving intimate connections as expertly as I wield my cane.

My Favorites: Cuffs, Ropes, Straps, Headphones, Blindfolds, Hoods, Silks, Furs, Feathers, Leather, Crops, Caning, Paddles, Whips, Nipple Torture & Play, Spreader Bar, Electroplay: Tens unit, CBT, Erotic Biting, Spanking, Tease & Denial, Tie & Tease, Parachute & Weights, Vibrators, Fisting, Strap-On, Prostate Massage, Rose Bud Play, Bastinado.

And more sweetly wicked play to keep Me smiling—you, trembling with excited anticipation.

**Mistress Worship, Queening–Reserved for recurring subs and must be earned.**

Please note: I have no interest in needle, scat, animal, humiliation, age play, or illegal activities.


Double Bondassage Vixens

Experience the bliss of 2 beautiful vixens, 4 very experienced hands focused solely on you.  A wonderful way to experience the beauty of Bondassage or Elysium. Who’s hands are where?

(Duo sessions can be arranged with advance notice. Price is negotiated between practitioners and interested inquirers)


Have you’ve read “50 Shades of Grey” and wondered how good it would feel to warm your lovers bottom with some yummy Erotic Spanking, perhaps you have a Voyeuristic eye, or long to feel the thrill of a sweet n’ sexy Tie n’ Tease? But, you wonder where or how to start? Gift yourself and your partner/lover permission to take your sensual skill to the next level of intimacy in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Share an unforgettable sensual discovery during this facilitated play session at my lovely Studio City apt. You’ll enjoy sparkling wine or juice, fine cheeses, fresh fruit, and share as many of your intimate questions about the rich world of kink/BDSM, Bondassage, or Elysium as you would like in this unique private setting. You’ll learn to negotiate safety, boundaries, and health concerns, to creating a safe comfortable bondage experience and skillfully excite your lover with innovative sensation play, tantalizing erotic massage techniques. and luxurious body percussion customized to your unique desires. ** Prior to booking a session, I require a conversation with both partners.** Which one curls your toes and quickens your breath?

  • The Voyeur:  Erotic reward, punishment, or adventure? Observe discreetly … or not-so-discreetly … while your lover receives a Kinky escapade, Bondassage or Elysium. For the observer clothing and restraints are optional. You may also sit, watch, laugh,  or get turned on while I take control of your partner for your amusement.
  • Facilitated Bondassage or Elysium: (your partner learns by facilitated participation)  Learn an abbreviated Bondassage or Elysium sequence with plenty of opportunities to explore.


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Advance appointments take priority over same day request, however, same day requests may be available so please inquire.

RETURNING CLIENTS: Grandfathered Rates For Established Clients.  I am honored and deeply grateful to have your continued patronage.  Thank you!

**Win my heart and place tributes in an unsealed envelope and placed on the table at the beginning of our session.

Monday – Saturday, 10am – 8pm.

Phone: 818-653-0208   **NO blocked/private calls or text msg**


I look forward to sharing a unique and memorable experience with you.

Ms. Rhonda

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